The Fall of Zia – Nathaniel

Zia was a beautiful city that was located in in Eastern Asia. The city was full of riches such as gold coins, bars, and other various gold items. The city was very populated, and it just kept growing and growing. One day everyone in the city were shocked to see that their castle started sinking into the pavement. The royal family noticed, and quickly took a red ladder down the castle. As they made it down, the castle shook so violently that they were knocked off the ladder and plummeted to there demise. The whole kingdom soon was brutally destroyed.

2 thoughts on “The Fall of Zia – Nathaniel

  1. Hi Nathaniel,
    I thought your story was brilliant, it was so good I didn’t even notice the prompt in it until I looked. I love the way you got the prompt to fit in without adding loads of random bits. It’s a pity about the city being destroyed though. Keep up the good work:)

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