The Factory-Diamandis

On January 18, 2017 a boy was kidnapped.  “Where am I”?   “What am I doing in such a strange factory”?  “Mom”, the boy screamed.  “It’s me Ethan.  This is not a funny joke!”  “You’re far from your mother”, said an unknown man.  “Who are you?”, Ethan asked.  “Your worst nightmare”, said the man.  “Why did you tie me up?, the boy cried.  “Get the steel carrots”, said the man.  “Here you are”, said another man.  “Thank you, Mauve”, said the first man.  “Your tearful eyes will be under my arms collection soon”.  Then, the boy woke up.  “Whew, only a bad dream”!

2 thoughts on “The Factory-Diamandis

  1. Hi Diamandis,

    Your story was really great and I really didn’t find huge mistakes but there were some like when you are using quotations you have to put the punctuation inside the quotations exp. “get the steel carrots”, -> “get the steel carrots,”. But other than those tiny mistakes it was really good!

  2. It’s my birthday on the 18th of January, I cannot believe that a boy was kidnapped on my birthday.
    How was he kidnapped?
    Thank God it was a dream or was it?
    DU DU DUUU!!!

    By Swailey FBPS

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