The eye of the… Christmas? – Gavin

There is an ancient spirit, known only by an immense number of nicknames, of which I will use none. I prefer calling it, ‘The Christmas Eye Thing,” but what is truly important is what it does. On Christmas Day, it watches over the holiday festivities, and makes sure that the rules are being followed. “But what are the rules?” you may ask, and my synopsis is to give the child at least one present per relative. But if they are broken, the Christmas eye thing manifests, and gives the unruly delinquents a time-out for how many years old they are.

One thought on “The eye of the… Christmas? – Gavin

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Great story! You had a really imaginative interpretation of the picture. I like the way you created a whole new Christmas legend. Well done for predicting the reader’s question about the Christmas Eye and answering it- nice use of breaking the 4th wall. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Derbyshire, UK

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