The empty Jar by: Aden

Once upon a time there was an empty jar. One day the empty jar went on a trip the trip is going to be a far walk. He went to a old barn house to rest, a little boy then found the jar and put worms in the jar. The next day he went back and the jar was empty, what a surprise. The jar had ate the worms and now has left the boys arms. The next day he stopped at a hotel. The hotel filled him with money, the next day the money was gone, he ate it.

One thought on “The empty Jar by: Aden

  1. Wow! Sounds like the hungry, hungry jar! Still, I thought it was great personification giving the jar the abilities to walk and eat and whatever the jar can hold it can eat! I wonder if it might be thirsty. I enjoyed your story very much Aden! Excellent job!

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