The Eggs That Turn To Paper – Mohammad

One day my parents were making me eggs for breakfast. The next thing that happened was really srange. When I looked at it, it turned to black paper! Well, now I have no breakfast. It had a lot of fringe as if it had been torn from a notebook of some sort. Since eggs had a bit of moisture, this paper appeared washed. My parents had given these eggs to me hot, the paper was flickering now. I decided to head off to school and decided to pretend that none of this nonsense ever came to the existence of Earth.

3 thoughts on “The Eggs That Turn To Paper – Mohammad

  1. Hi Mohammad,
    I really like this piece of writing It makes me think of magic!
    maybe you could add the letter t in the word strange.
    From Brooke

  2. Hi
    I really like you writing it is a really different thing that you would not expect.
    But you need to make your sentences longer and you could add comma’s and and’s but i like the story.

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