The deep Line – Gavin

Deep underneath the dark London sewers, there lies an abandoned train tunnel system, created to transport citizens from the various bomb shelters during world war 2. This would allow for the citizens to escape to other shelters if one was attacked, and for what was previously known as “The Market.” It was really just a regular farmer’s market type area, located above ground, that also had a secret entrance into the tunnels. After the deadly war, they stopped using it, and it became decrepit and overgrown. Then, after increasing safety concerns, the town blocked it off, never to be entered again.

2 thoughts on “The deep Line – Gavin

  1. it is a very good story
    I like the way you made it realistic
    you should also use less commas but if you think that they should be there I will not argue.

  2. Hi Gavin,
    I like the way your story had a bit of history in it, it makes it easier to imagine and picture. This was a great piece of writing and I hope to see more of your writing.

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