The Christmas Spirt Is Back By: Aden

Once upon a time in a small town in Canada, everyone’s Christmas spirt was gone and no one believed in Christmas anymore, because a wrapped box took everyone’s spirt and trapped it! Everyone was scared to go and even try to open because it would always jump and shake. After a few years one little boy was brave enough to go and try to open it, but his mother called him back. The next year he tried again, and this time he opened it. Everyone’s cheer and spirit escaped, and they were all cheering for him and giving him presents.

One thought on “The Christmas Spirt Is Back By: Aden

  1. Hi Aden
    I loved the contrast in your story between the frightened and unhappy town at the beginning to the delight that everyone must have felt at the end thanks to the bravery of the little boy.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Miss T Team 100wc

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