The Car Museum- Andrew

“Let’s go to the car museum,” I said. “Ok,” my friend said. We got to the museum, and went to buy our tickets. When I reached for my wallet, I  discovered that it was gone. “I lost my wallet,” I said. Since neither of us had any money, we gingerly asked the manager if we could clean the museum to pay for our tickets. He said, “We could always use help around here.” Once we finished, he said we could sit in whatever cars we wanted. I sat in a remarkable yellow Bugatti. I imagined I was driving on Route 66.

One thought on “The Car Museum- Andrew”

  1. Excellent piece, Andrew.

    You put a lot of thought into your writing and it shows.

    You had a great idea for a story, and then there was a problem that you solved very creatively!

    Keep working this way, and I am sure you’ll shine as a writer.


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