The Candy That Turned Me Into A Giraffe!! Katie

I walked past a shop named “Giraffe Life” it sounded interesting so I went inside.  The 1st thing I saw was the worlds biggest candy giraffe! My jaw dropped, and I hurried over there to look at it. When I got over there it looked brown and it was sort of melted. No one was there so I took a little bite it tasted delicious. It had salt in it which makes it taste so good. I felt really weird after I felt as if I was getting taller and furry and greasy. I finally realized I was a giraffe!

4 thoughts on “The Candy That Turned Me Into A Giraffe!! Katie

  1. Hey Katie, I really liked how you explaned how you were tuning into a girrafe and I also really liked how you said “my jaw droped ” that was a really nice bit to your story which made me like it even more ! From Kate

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