The Bullies. Lana

My name is Jill. I have moved a total of seven times in my life, and I am only 10. I go to a different school every year, and it’s hard to be the new kid. For that reason, I am bullied a lot. One time, I was riding my yellow bike to the store, but I was followed by my enemies. I parked my bike next to a tree and ran to the store. I came back and my biggest enemy, John, was tying my bike to the tree. I stood up to John, and now we are best friends.

4 thoughts on “The Bullies. Lana

  1. Hi Lana,

    I found your story very enjoyable. You used the prompt in a very interesting way. This story reminded me of the time new kids came to my school. Why does Jill move school every year?

    From Holly

  2. Hi Lana.
    I like your story.
    It reminded me of a movie that I watched.
    Please comment on my story
    From Darragh.

  3. Hi Lana,
    I like your story this week, I like the way you used the prompt.
    How did you get the idea from?
    Keep up the good work
    Form Niamh

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