The Book- Cate

One day, a girl named  Dalila, went to the library. She wanted to get a book about mysteries. In the beginning, she wanted a book called “A Wrinkle In Time”. Later, she got “39 Clues”. As she read, she got more and more interested. Once she read all the books, she submitted her answer online. They messaged her… and… SHE WON! She was so excited. Dalia ran home and told her parents. They were super proud of Dalila. She and her family celebrated by going out for ice cream. They went to Chicago, got her prize, and lived happily ever after.

2 thoughts on “The Book- Cate

  1. Hi Cate
    Happy new year! I really enjoyed reading this, you have paced it really well and I was keen to find out what was going to happen next.
    By introducing the ideas of mysteries and clues it makes the reader keen to find out quite was adventures the character is going to have.
    I was desperate to find out what she won and why they had to go to Chicago to receive it, maybe that’s your last mystery!
    Miss T team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

  2. Hi Cate,
    I love that your story is set in a library, they are fascinating places, after all they are the home of stories! Your story is very mysterious Dalila obviously had to read mystery books to solve a mystery – very clever. I wonder if Dalila will take on more challenges in future stories. I hope so.
    Keep writing,
    Mrs Clare,
    Nagoya, Japan. Team100WC

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