The Boat Mystery-Sara

Crash! I expected to see that a tree fell, or something like that. Instead, there were five boats in the middle of the forest where I was hiking! I decided to take a look around. Inside, I found a journal. Apparently, the boats had sunk into the earth and they only came out by a girls singing. I was singing before I heard the crash! I thought of the fantastic thing that maybe I was a hero. When I got home I told my parents about my amazing adventure. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I am a hero!

2 thoughts on “The Boat Mystery-Sara”

  1. Hi, Sara.

    What made you a hero? Was it that you figured out that the singing made the boats come out? Or was it that you had found the journal? The sinking boats seem like they would be a huge mystery – but you solved it!

    Always reread the sequence of your story to make sure it makes sense, and that you could actually imagine the events happening.

    What happens next? Is there more secret information about the boats in that journal?

    I hope you tell!

  2. Very intriguing story Sara, it seems a bit strange that boats would appear when a girl sings but interesting none the less. I just wonder what you think made you a hero?

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