The Biggest Wild Fire Katie

I went to California on vacation with my whole family.  While I was there, the biggest wild fire since 2007 came very close to where we were staying! We had to leave immediately.  Suddenly, we were caught up in sirens and t.v reports from everywhere in the area.  Thank goodness we made it to safety.  Later that evening as we watched the news reports, we noticed that we seemed to be on television!   The wild fire was all over the news and if you looked really hard, you could see us in the back ground running away.  It was the most scariest experience.

5 thoughts on “The Biggest Wild Fire Katie

  1. Wow Katie, a real true to life and contemporary tale. I presume that you don’t live in California? A daughter of a friend of mine lived in Paradise and she has lost everything so I understand how scary a situation it can be. However, in your story as in my friend’s real life she has the most precious thing still- her family. What a relief to know that you could all escape safely.
    Keep up the good work!
    Ciara (Team100)
    Wicklow, Ireland

  2. i wish i could go on a vacation to California and 2007 is when i was born i love your story because i love the odd story with action to keep you reading

  3. Katie,
    Very good story. I liked how you said that in the distance you could see your selves running away from the Wild Fire and how you said you were caught up in sirens and TV reports.

  4. Hi Katie,
    I really like your story and the way you used heaps of descriptive words and how you used the right punctuation. Keep up the great writing

    From Olivia.

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