The big bed by Ruth

This girl asked her mom for a bigger bed.  But her mom said no.  She got a new bed anyway.  She also got a new box spring, mattress, pillows, and sheets.  To do so, she stole her mom’s credit card to get the number and other needed information.  The problem was, she got a California king size bed.  When she got it and set it up in her room, it was too big.  If only it was a bit smaller. I know, I will saw it in half. So she went to get a saw.  But then she got caught!

One thought on “The big bed by Ruth

  1. Hello Ruth, thank goodness the girl got caught before she was able to cut the bed in half. Looks like, mum knew best. It was a pretty dreadful thing for the girl to do, wasn’t it? I hope she learnt a good lesson from it. Well done.

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