The Battle Of Ages-Diamandis

You gingerly walk through the caves and approach the top of the cavern.  You feel remarkable!  After all, YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!  However, it feels as though you are being watched.  You look up,  and suddenly your blood freezes at the sight of a single figure standing just up ahead.  He is dressed in a yellow tunic, and  white pants.  He appears to be pulling on something.  You muster up the courage and walk closer.  He notices you, and pulls a sword from the stone. In response, you pull your sword from your scabbard.  Hence, The Battle of Ages begins!

2 thoughts on “The Battle Of Ages-Diamandis”

  1. Hello, Diamandis.

    This piece caught my attention. The introduction drew me in right away. It was suspenseful and unique.

    Great work!

  2. Hi Diamandis, this story was very good. It had lots of details and the storyline was sublime. I think maybe for next steps to include some dialogue, but overall, it was great. Good job!

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