“The answer of the Answer- Gavin?

“The reaction felt so manufactured and forced, that it seemed we were on a television.”   That was only the start, but this quickly became confusing. The audiences attention span began spiraling downward, and the vast majority became irrelevant and impossible, instantly creating the singularity, which fostered the end times, and bringing about the death of all life. Had this happen, ever, no matter if in 23 years in the past, or 73 milliseconds in the future, you must spread, and create a society, a group of watchers to shield the human race from things unwanted.

We seemed to be on television.


3 thoughts on ““The answer of the Answer- Gavin?

  1. Hi Gavin.
    I really liked your story.
    Next time make sure it makes sense I didn’t really under stand the story but it is still a really good story.

  2. Hey Gavin

    Good job on your story I really enjoyed reading it. Expleasly the end . Keep up the great writing!

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