The Amazing Garden -Sahana

One day a girl named Alexa was very bored, she couldn’t find anything to do! She thought for a long time until she decides on taking a walk outside. “However,” she thought, “I could stay home.” Alexa looked outside and saw the bright yellow sun shining so bright that she chose to go outdoors. She put on some headphones and started walking. As she was strolling Alexa discovered a remarkable garden. She gingerly touched each flower and smelled them all. She knew that she would never, ever be bored again. Every time Alexa is bored she goes to the garden.

One thought on “The Amazing Garden -Sahana”

  1. Hello, Sylvia.

    I can’t imagine how beautiful the garden looked! But, you as the author certainly could see it! I would have loved to hear more about the vibrant colors, and flowers of all shapes and sizes. I just love ADJECTIVES.

    Always reread your work for punctuation, especially commas.

    You seem like you have a VIVID (cool adjective) imagination. Try to share it through your words.


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