The Afterstory of Gilligan’s Island – Brandon

This story takes place after the TV series, Gilligan’s Island. After many attempts to flee the island, Gilligan finally decided to give up. The castaways decided to wait for help to come to them. Many people attempted to recue them, but no one could get to the island. Many boats crashed on the island, unoccupied. Just when it was seeming hopeless, a boat was sighted sailing to the island. Gilligan and his friends finally had a chance to get off of the island! The boat sailed ashore and everyone hopped in. The castaways had been rescued once and for all.

2 thoughts on “The Afterstory of Gilligan’s Island – Brandon”

  1. Well, Brandon, wouldn’t it be awesome if the castaways were really rescued? I think you just solved a huge problem for the show’s producers!

    This was a fun story, and I enjoyed reading it. It made me smile! There is one word you need to check. Can you find it?

    Were these boats the ones that crashed on the island in the picture? If so, maybe you could explain that to the reader a bit, so they can visualize the relationship between the picture and the writing.

    Thank you for finding a way to rescue the clan, and solving their multi-series problem of being stranded! What did the castaways become once they started their new lives?


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