Swimming contest by Trevor

I’m Zack and I’m going to a swimming contest in Indianapolis. It’s a two hour drive from where we’re from .We woke up at 4 A.M to eat breakfast and get ready for the long drive ahead of us. We jumped in the car and got on the road , the first couple of minutes I felt sick as if I was stuck in a revolving door for hours. After a little bit the concrete smoothed and my stomach didn’t hurt. I just felt hungry like I just threw up . My mom gave me some pink bubble gum to soothe my stomach.

One thought on “Swimming contest by Trevor

  1. Poor swimmers do have to get up very early for training or for taking long trips like Zack. The simile you used for feeling sick (the revolving door) really worked well. I liked how you took us on a journey and then resolved it in the end. Well done.

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