Special Animal Talents Jayla 100WC

Hello, my name is Mono, and I am a monkey. I have very special traits, but I would say that my friends’ traits are even better. For example, Ellie the elephant is very talented at using the violin. One day, I saw her play the violin, and it was amazing!! I was so happy for her! Another one of my friends is named Indie the iguana. He really likes to paint. Yesterday, he painted a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers! I always wished I had a unique talent like my friends, but the talent I have now is perfectly fine.

3 thoughts on “Special Animal Talents Jayla 100WC

  1. Hi Jayla,

    Wow, I really like your story. The way you used to combine the given words is very creative. And it’s considerate of you to bold all the five words. However, I’m still curious what exactly is the talent/trait you have. Maybe you can give a hint or explanation in your piece to let us know more about your “perfectly fine talent”. Anyhow, you did a good job. Please keep writing!

    Xuerong Huang (Team 100wc)

  2. Hi Jayla, I really like your story because it is interesting and has lots of good adjectives. From Kyle in Ms Brennock’s 5th class.

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