Sophie-100WC- Tue. Feb. 5

For the last few hours of Halloween day, my friends and I decided to go to a haunted house. After scouring the internet, we finally found a decent haunted house, and we soon hit the road. The only problem with this house is that it wasn’t official. It was a legit haunted house. When we arrived, the house was black, as if it were burned. It clearly hadn’t been washed for many years. The fringe of the wood was bursting out. The lights were flickering, and there looked to be eggs on the ground from an egging. Someone arrived before us.

One thought on “Sophie-100WC- Tue. Feb. 5

  1. wow sophie this soundes really scary do you know who came before you and maybe you could wash the house for the people .
    how many years do you think it had be there for I love your writing it is amazing from caitlyn .

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