Simons 100 word challenge

It’s not like last year we moved from Chicago to Indiana i am in a new house it’s different. I switched schools. I have made new friends and met new people. I also had to switch grades from 4 to 5 it has been a lot harder than last year in 4th grade. I am learning new things. But i dont miss last year i have met so many new people and this year has got off to a very good start. I also have switched sports teams from a Chicago league to a Indiana league for baseball. So change is ok.

2 thoughts on “Simons 100 word challenge

  1. What a wonderfully positive story! I have always liked the saying, “things turn out the best for those who make the best of the way things turn out”. I think your story reflects this attitude. Change can be scary and sometimes it doesn’t feel good but often it is very good and does bring about lots of new things, including learning. Well done.

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