Simon 100 word challenge

I love sunglasses they are so cool and these ones are very big. The worker has to stand on a ladder to work on them. The supply’s to build them are so hard to find you need to go to a lot of countries to get the supplies. It takes over five days to build them. There are only one set of them in the whole wide world. The person who came up with idea to make the big sunglasses was someone who thinks it will be cool if you can put it in a display case at a museum. 

One thought on “Simon 100 word challenge

  1. This is an interesting combination of descriptive writing and speculation. I hope you write some more as I’m curious as to who and why anyone would build such glasses for a museum. There must be more going on and I expect it to be odd… which means plot twists and subverted expectations (or what we think is going on isn’t really what is happening).

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