Shapeshifter- Chloe’

I drove with my family to a  art museum. I was currently in the room with mirrors all over. I thought it was really amazing at first,but my mom and my brother had left and I hadn’t realized and sadly got lost. Suddenly everyone vanished and I was trapped in a boxed room all alone. There were mirrors all around, kind of like the glass art you would see at a church. But on the left wall there was a big triangle. I was trying to study the other wall, and as I turned around it changed shape. The Shapeshifter.

2 thoughts on “Shapeshifter- Chloe’

  1. Chloe,
    What shape did it change into? I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy want to know! Could it be a secret doorway?

    It’s neat how descriptively you compared the mirrors to glass art. You’re using that imagination well. Be careful with the articles “a” and “an,” like the part where you went to “an” art museum. Because art starts with a vowel, you have to use “an.”

    I like how you chose an art museum as your setting. It fits very well with the prompt!

    Until next week,
    AN amazing Hemingway

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