Science Experiment Fail By,Niko

There was a 7th grade class in Italy that was very smart. Almost every student in the class loved doing  science  experiments, and they were very good at doing it, except for Timmy.   He didn’t like following the directions. He interrupted the whole science class just say this, “ What’s the fun doing everything that the instructions tell you.” “ You will get a bad grade though.” said Mac. Timmy took two containers. One with orange powder and one with blue powder and mixed them together and made a red powder. The teacher gave him a bad grade. “ Told you,” said Mac.

3 thoughts on “Science Experiment Fail By,Niko

  1. Hi Niko its Abby, and I liked this story a lot. I have never tried science before, I have only mixed baking soda and vinegar together which makes a explosion. This is cool and it does make me see red.

  2. Hi Niko,
    Great story! Its ashame Timmy didn’t get a good grade but it is very dangerous to mess around with chemicals so you should always do as the instructions say. Well done on using dialogue in your story. You had a very creative interpretation of the colour red. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Coventry, UK

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