Run, Mouse Jayla100W/C

There was a small cottage in the woods. Inside it was an orange cat and a gray mouse. They were fighting all day long. The cat trying to grab the mouse, the mouse trying to capture the cat. The cat began to get tired and went for a nap. That was when the mouse could escape. There was a tiny little hole that led to the outside of the house. The mouse rushed to the tiny hole, but it realized that the hole was WAY smaller that he thought. If only it was a bit smaller, the mouse would fit.


One thought on “Run, Mouse Jayla100W/C

  1. Hi Jayla
    I liked your story but I didn’t really understand it.
    If the hole was small but it needs it to be smaller how does that make sense?
    Surely if the hole was small then shouldn’t he need to be bigger not smaller???

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