Rainbow Swirl-Rishi

My mom signed me up for a Pinterest Club. We all tie dyed shirts with yellow, red, orange, purple, and blue. However while we were doing not that great, my teacher gingerly squirted some coloring on. Also, my teacher said that if you want to get a certain design, you have to fold it the right way. I discovered that I actually like to tie dye and that I will like it at Pinterest Club. I also discovered tie dying is remarkable because of all the colors and designs. I give a big thanks to my mom for signing me up.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Swirl-Rishi”

  1. Hello, Rishi.

    I like the idea of your story, and how the prompt words made you think of tie-dying.

    I think this is an interesting story, and could be even more interesting if there were some kind of a problem. For example, maybe the dye squirted on your brand new shoes, or when you finished your design and unfolded it, it resembled something remarkable or frightening.

    Make sure there is a plot – a reason or problem – for you piece.

    Take your imagination to the next level.

    Keep creating,

  2. Interesting story Rishi, going to a Pinterest club sounds like a lot of fun! I just think that if you added some sort of conflict it would have been even more interesting. Regardless, I liked your story.

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