Prom -Tiarah

Prom day 2019 was quickly approaching at Wynnchester High School.  I was super excited because I couldn’t wait to wear my new “red” gown.  This gown made me feel and look like a model. I also had the matching shoes, purse, eye shadow and lipstick.  I was sure to be the prettiest one at the prom. Well, the day before prom I noticed a huge hole and screamed. Mom came rushing in and came up with a resolution.  She grabbed a needle and thread and began sewing a fake rose over the hole. Thanks to mom, prom was still a success!

2 thoughts on “Prom -Tiarah

  1. what a great piece of writing tiarah
    I love how you used some great words keep up the great work
    from Caitlyn

  2. Hi, Tiarah

    I loved your story .
    It reminded me of the time I was a bridesmaid and my dress ripped.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    From, Mia

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