Pet peeves/Alina

My brother has a lot of pet peeves, but they’re not normal ones. If he here’s the Thomas theme song, he will start screaming and run away. So one Christmas we were making breakfast then all the sudden we here aaaahhhhh, and we knew it was Ali because he screams like a girl. Then we here the Thomas song, and over by the tv was my sister Sara.    We ask her did you turn on Thomas, and she said no. But Ali said she did so we ask again. All the sudden she said I didn’t remember putting it on.

One thought on “Pet peeves/Alina

  1. You have made really good use of the prompt this week, Alina. I really like the idea of using ‘I didn’t remember putting it on’ about a song. The story flows very well and I like the use of conversation between your characters. I did notice that you used ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’. It is tricky because they do sound just the same!

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