Penny wise -By Curtis

It was a day before Halloween and a stormy day.I was a running around my neighborhood and I saw a clown.I asked him if he thought today was Halloween and he messed up on the days.But he did not answer and I was creeped out,then I looked over my shoulder and all of my friends took off.Then I looked back around and Pennywise was right in my face and holding a brown balloon,it was very frightening.I never thought this day would come,I was so scared! Then I pinched myself and realized it was a dream and I was safe.

2 thoughts on “Penny wise -By Curtis

  1. Good job, Curtis! I would also feel a little bit frightened when I saw crown or Pennywise, so luckily it was dream. Keep on writing! Jp.

  2. Kia ora Curtis. Thanks for sharing your writing this week.
    Your writing certainly has a Halloween scary feel about it, but I wonder if you could have found a different way to finish your story. Rather than finding ‘it was just a dream,’ would you consider a sentence like this …..
    I never thought this day would come,I was so scared! One last look at that terrifying crop of red hair and I quickly decided to join my friends as fast as I possibly could.
    What do you think?
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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