Classic Rover St. By: Omar

Every winter, there is one man who always salts his lawn to make the ice melt. For some reason, the salt he pores is brown. It was so unusual that me and my friends thought that is what they feed giraffe. We went to check it out and his lawn was all greasy. My friends and I were all so confused. ” Why is his lawn like it has oil on it?” Jake said. We knocked on his door, which I regret because, he answered and started to yell and question why we were on his yard. We stayed speechless.

The Greasy Brown Giraffe-Aden

Once upon a time there was a brown giraffe. That giraffe was a very greasy giraffe, he would like to climb up a grease tower and just dive in it. So one day the workers had to heat up the grease and the giraffe dived in to the grease and started to melt. When he got out he was melted. So everyone called him the brown, greasy, and melted giraffe. One day he just gave up and became sad, but someone cheered him up by bringing him some salt. The giraffe ate the salt and became an unmelted brown giraffe.

The Brown Giraffe That Melted Salt With Its Greasy Hands-Mohammad

Outside my house, there was a giraffe. But this wasn’t a regular giraffe. This was a brown giraffe. This giraffe melted salt. The brown giraffe melted salt with its greasy hands. Don’t ask me why this brown giraffe melted salt with its greasy hands. Because if you asked me that, I would tell you, I don’t know why this brown giraffe melted salt with its greasy hands. We both know that brown giraffes that melt salt with their greasy hands are mysterious and weird. There are many adjectives that can describe brown giraffes that melt salt with their greasy hands.

A swamp- Gavin

So recently, I’ve been hearing that the swamp behind town has evil ghost things in it. Obviously, I didn’t believe it immediately, and ignored it. But after many repeated sightings, I was tired of the complaints. A group of police officers and I went out into the swamp. Since it was daytime, we could see everything around us fairly clearly, so we put down our guard. When we made it to the area where the sightings were happening, we couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then we realized, it was just a whole bunch of creepy, decomposing tree stumps.

Some Mysterious Seed – Mohammad

One day, I was just in my house, when I needed to take out the trash. When I opened it there was a little seed inside. I wondered what it was. After I took out the trash, I went to the nearby stream and planted it. That was the worst mistake of my life. Apparently, the seed doubled up. Then, those seeds doubled up, and after that, that doubled up, and that turned into a giant mess. They were all over the place, even past the fence, where nobody DARED to go. I thought those creatures would devour our houses.