I was going to watch the Battle of the Bands in Milwaukee. We had gotten to our seats and were so happy because no one was seated in front of us. I was really excited for the performance and could not wait for it to start. Just before the performance began, the ushers moved us up even further. We had the best seats in the building! The band began to play, but it was completely out of tune. Our ears hurt from the awful sound. We couldn’t take it anymore, so we left and went to watch a movie instead.

The piano – Nathaniel

Every single day on my way to school there was this old abandoned house. One day I decided to go explore it. I got a flashlight, a knife (just in case), and a bag. I walked toward the front door and stopped.I stepped into the house and saw a very old grand piano. I walked toward and sat down on the stool. I pressed a key, and the piano was out of tune! This really annoyed me considering that I played the piano. I was so mad that I didn’t notice the ground shaking. I ran out of the house.

Ava- My Horrible Guitar

It was my birthday. I was tired, and I was in my Pjs, when I saw a cardboard box. It said to Ava from, Mom and Dad. I opened it, and found a Guitar! I tried playing it, but it was so out of tune. I got my Mom, and she told me we could take it to a shop. So, we did. Turns out, It was broken! I was so mad. So, my mom got me a $20 dollar game pass on one of my favorite games. So even though my guitar broke, I still got a present no matter what.

Angelo 100mn wc

One day I sat down to play my guitar but it was completely out of tune. That surprised me the most because I had just tuned it the other day. Well I just went on with my day and went to school. My school day went well and I made it through the day. The next day my guitar was magically in tune . It seemed really funny to me because I thought it wasn’t tuned. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn’t. I wish I was because I was baffled. Now let me get back to my 100 word challenge.

The Musical Instrument (It was completely out of tune). Katie

I went to music class and my music teacher had a new instrument that nobody has seen before.  I asked her to play the unknown instrument. When she did, the sound was completely out of tune.  We all covered our ears because of how awful it sounded. She apologized, and tried to tune it again. Then out of nowhere, the most beautiful sound came out of the instrument, it sounded so peaceful. We all were in shock of how magnificent an instrument could sound.   When the teacher finished playing, she had asked “who wants a turn?”  Everyone raised their hand!