100 w/c by ashlynn

One day Phil decided to go for a walk when he heard something strange.

“ScReEeEcHhH,” went a terrible noise.

Phil covered his ears and went to investigate, but then heard crying.

“Hello?” went Phil.

“Hi,” said a purple elephant.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m trying to play the violin but its too hard.”

“Well, don’t be sad! Be happy instead!”

“You’re right!”

“I will be right back!” yelled Phil.

When Phil came back he had an art easel, a canvas, some paint, and a paintbrush.

“I’m going to paint you!”

Phil painted the elephant and him and the elephant both became famous.

The giant elephant attack-Ruth

“AHHHHHH!!!” screamed Alana. Earlier that day, Alana and her friends wanted to go to the zoo.

Now, let’s cut to the chase, her friends abandoned her, and now there was a huge elephant chasing her.  It was knocking over everything, even purple paint cans.  It ruined awesome artwork, of animals, that people painted.

My favorite one was the painting of a violin – the one painting that had nothing to do with animals.  It made me very happy for some odd reason.  Surprisingly, once I screamed, “Elephant Stop!” it actually stopped.  Now we have another problem. Every animal is chasing me.

So There Are Odd Foods! Jayla 100WC

Today was a very exciting day. My best friend was going to visit my house this week, and it was going to be awesome! In the afternoon, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door, and saw my friend. “Hi George!” I said. “Hello!” he replied. We then ran into my backyard and started playing soccer. After about 3 hours, we both decided to go back inside to eat. ‘You like pizza?” I asked. “No,” he said, “I like Marmite.” We both stood in silence. “It’s fine. I brought my own,” he said. “But what exactly is Marmite?” I asked.

100 w/c – Charley C

One day, a boy named Jerry was eating toast, and marmite. At his school because he loved toast, and marmite. But, however, there was a rumor saying he hated marmite, but he loves marmite. So, after school he goes to his friends house his friend says want some marmite? Then his friend says, “oh yea I forgot you don’t like marmite.” …“No,” he said, “I like Marmite.”… his friend was in shock. His friend said, “ but the kids around our school said that you don’t like marmite,” jerry then said, “ those are all rumors.” He was in shock all day.

I’m hungry By Kala

One day I slept for a while, and then when I woke up everything was gone exept bread and spreads to put on it. But I was so hungry, so I was looking for one thing I liked out of the spreads. I couldn’t find anything good then I looked even better and I saw a lot of things. I saw butter and went “ Eh” like everything else, cream cheese “ Eh”, and all the normals. So none of those sounded good and I was looking better and saw marmite. I was happy. So I ate so much of it “ MMMM”.