Jasmine 100wc

One day, at a party, I was trying  an make an omelet. Then my mom yelled “STOP!”. I asked her why. She said that she didn’t trust me to make my own food. I was so cross that I yelled at everybody that was at the party to get out. Then I continued making the omelet. Turns out I should’ve listened to my mom, because I ended up burning the omelet,    setting off the fire alarm, and almost injuring my whole neighborhood. I really wish I had listened to my mom, and not made an omelet at the party.

Angelo 100 wc

One day I was walking down the street and a random person walked up to me and shoved me . I was very cross because he shoved me pretty hard . So I approached him and said “ Hey what’s your problem” he said” what do you mean” I was like “ dude, you shoved me”  “ Oh yeah sorry bout that”. Finally I got an apology from that dude. Jeesh people these days are so rude. So I continued on with my day until I tripped on a can of coke and the same person said oh sorry that’s mine. Wow what a good person.

The baby brother: by Omar

I have a baby brother named Tommy he is sometimes annoying. One time he was messing with my Xbox set, then he broke it on accident. I was so cross that I locked him in his room. After that which was like 5 years ago he grew up a little. Now he did something like that again. After, the first incident I asked my mom for a new one. I got it and let him play with his friends, then he raged and broke it again. I could not speak at all. I was so cross that I smashed it more.

My Brother Triggers Me – Моhaммad

One day, my older brother decided to play a prank on me. He invited me to his room and have a tripwire and there would be a bucket full of water after I tripped on the tripwire. He had to do extreme calculations (my height minus the height of my ankle because my ankle would be caught on the tripwire)to figure out where to put the water. So, I tripped on the wire and my face was wet. I was so cross that I wanted to punch him a lot, so I chased him around the house for some time.

Ava- 100 word challenge the haunted hotel

the door creeped open. A man with a black cloak on came in. Mr. skeleton gave him a scared look. The black cloaked man gave the skeleton the credit card. The skeleton gave him the room key. “ Welcome to the haunted hotel!” Said a vampire on the speakers. The cloaked man went to a candy bar. The doll asked what would you like? “ I would like some milk duds please.” Said the cloaked man. “Here you go.” Said the doll. The cloaked man went to a table and took a couple milk duds, and shoved them in his mouth. Yummy!