One day I went camping with my dad and me. We went through a forest and I saw a wrinkled mushroom on the ground and I forgot to take a picture of it. So then I went to a rule part of the city/forest and went on a canoe down the river. I had to use an oar and so did my dad. so when we got to the end of the river we had to choose which way we had to go. There were 6 ways we could go and we found the 6th one went to the Wistful city.

Ashlynn 100 W/C

One day two mushroom kingdoms went to war, the red mushrooms, and the brown mushrooms. The rule between the two countries is that each mushroom colony has to stay on their side, until one day the brown mushroom colony came over with a wistful look in their eyes.



Bang! Bam! Everyone was fighting for the land until the red mushrooms ran away with boats and oars 


”The end!”

”WOW! That story was so cool grandpa! Was that real?!”

“Yep! That’s why none of the brown colony remembers us! We were wrinkled away.”

Charley c 100 w/c

One day, a boy named Jacob was eating mushrooms for dinner and then he spotted a very rare diamond oar. Then Jacob remembered the number one rule his dad told him never pick up anything that isn’t yours. Jacob was wistful because he couldn’t take a very rare oar, but his dad said “ you can take it if you want.” So he did but when he got inside his clothes were wrinkled so his mom washed them for him. Then Jacob sold this rock and became the richest man in the entire world! Jacob had a lot of fun today.

The Boat Trip By Mark

It was a nice and sunny day. I was going to my grandpas house. When I got there  uncle had a wistful frown on his wrinkled face. I told since he was sad that grandma died I told he, “lets go on a boat ride Grandpa”. He got out of his chair and grabbed 2 oars for the boat. He had 1 rule on not to touch mushrooms. We walked to the lake. We fished and got a humongous carp. We when back to the car we talked about the carp we caught. We got home and fried it. We had fun.

100 w/c by:Kirk

This summer I wanted to go to boating camp, but my dad said no. I had such a wistful look on my face, so he changed his mind. That night for dinner we had gross mushrooms with steak. The next morning he looked up boat camp. At my shock there was such a devistating rule. We had to have a septillion dollar wrikled oar which was located in the Bermuta Triangle. My dad was in shock. The next day we went to the Bermuta Triangle. We alsmost didn’t survive because of all the extremely giant sharks trying to eat us.