Fun Land-Corey

After school Ben was so bored, he actually played a board game. It was called Fun Land. He asked Jackson and Nicholas to play with him. Once they opened the box, they somehow got sucked in. Ben started to run. Jackson and Nicholas joined in shortly after. “If this is all real, does that mean the cotton candy monster is real too?” Jackson asked. “I hope not,” exclaimed Nicholas. “Oh no!” Ben yelled. “What?” they asked. “Look behind you!” Ben screamed. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. “He’s right behind us!” Then everything was black.

Conveyor Belts With Monsters By Omer

Once upon a time, there were a lot of conveyor belts.  But, the government decided to replace sidewalks with conveyor belts. This was horrible because then the people used them but the maintenance crew resigned because it was too much work. So, they resigned. But then bacteria started to grow and it turned into bacteria monsters. There was one group of school children now who caught on to this. But when they told the public it was already too late. Everyone was in panic so these children ran. Although they ran quickly they didn’t make enough progress. The end goodbye.

The Game Show- Cate

One day, a group of three friends were watching a Spanish game show. They wanted to be on it but they didn’t know Spanish.  One girl named Amanda said that her cousin was going to be on it and needed a team. They trained for all of the stunts they didn’t learn how to speak Spanish. When they got there, they did very well  but then their Spanish speaking teammate got eliminated. They ran to do a game but failed. Although they ran quickly, they still weren’t making enough progress. They did the game wrong. Sadly, they lost very miserably.

The Scary Tornado! By: Lina!

One day, as Joe and his friends  were taking a walk to the park to go see the new swing set, they saw a giant tornado coming their way! It was terrifying! Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. The tornado almost caught up to them, but thankfully their neighbor Barbara let them into her house. Then, they hid in her bathroom. After, they thanked her for saving their lives, each went back home, and explained the whole story to their very worried parents. The worst part was that they never saw the new swing set.

The Gold Race – William

On a sunny day in Southern California two little boys were dreaming of the rich life. When they heard of a gold rush in Northern California the race was on. The bigger boy went into his dad’s truck and drove away, and the little boy booked a flight to Northern California.1 day later the two boys made it to Northern California, but although the bigger boy ran quickly, he did not make enough progress. The little boy was far to ahead, because he took an airplane, so the little boy got all the riches. The little boy got very wealthy.