Oliver 100 wc

One day, a little boy named Ben was walking along a river. When he was very close to the water he could see a fire in the distance. Since it was so far away he thought nothing of it. He got a drink of water and then went home. When he got home, the fire spread. In a mere fifteen minutes a fourth of the village was consumed. The heat was unbearable, so Ben ran far away. Many presumed he was dead, but he was only laying in wait in the forest. When the fire died down, he returned home.

100 Word Challenge- Khloey

Jade, Emma, and Jason where all outside on the boat. “OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO HOT” Emma yelled. “Jump in the water!” said Jade. “Are you crazy! I don’t want my BeAuTiFuL hair to get wet and gross!” said Emma.  Jason walked over to Emma and pushed her in. “WHAT THE HECK!” screamed Emma. “You were hot” Jason laughed, “YEA BUT I  SAID I DIDN’T WANT MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR TO GET GROSS!”  “Lets go back home and meet Lilly” Said Jade.

Time skip

“Your crazy! said Lilly “She said the heat was unbearable so I pushed her in!” protested Jason.

My master plan By : Nathaniel

I am freaking out. Andre just got invited to the big pool party Friday night. He was going to come to mine, but the popular kids decided to have their own. And he got invited. Go figure.

But I have a plan. I took a large, fan my mom bought for a ton of money, and snuck into the pool party. My mom bought it off the dark web, and all it does is create mass amounts of heat. It’s “low” setting was 150 degrees.

An hour passed and my plan worked.

The heat was unbearable and the party was cancelled.

Escape room by Trevor

3 random people glitch out of reality in a place witch is called the escape room. All of a sudden a timer showed and 30 minutes started to count down. A voice on the speaker explained the rules. You have 30 minutes to escape the room in 30 minutes to escape with your life and the prize. If you don’t  escape with in the time the room will be set on fire and you will all die. The heat went up every minute and the heat was so unbearable 2 people passed out and the last one was left to sit there and slowly die .

100 wc Aiden

It was a hot day in Australia. Trees were blooming, everybody was dancing except me. The heat was so unbearable, so I went inside for air conditioning. I felt amazing, but I also felt lonely. Today was not my day. The only thing I could do that can possibly cure my boredom was video games. I called my friend Quandle Dingle to see if he wanted to play. He said yes so we both hopped on Fortnite. After we won a match I got back outside to actually enjoy nature. When I got back from Australia, I needed some warmth.