Ian-road trip

I was driving with my son and daughter, when I slammed on the brakes and everything went faster. As if it kept getting faster and faster. Then it came to me, I was having a heart attack. We kept going and I went off the road. I kept going and I slammed into the tree. My son had a tree branch in his leg and a piece of glass in my daughter’s cheek. I was terrified, lost, and dazed. I ran to my son and daughter then called 911. They came and helped them out. After that I collapsed and died.


The “So Called Bank Robbery”-Corey

I knew from the beginning that this was a terrible idea. I tried to persuade them they were going to caught, but they didn’t listen. Right when I said that, I knew I had to leave, but then the stupidest idea came to me. If they succeeded I would get some money too, and I liked that thought at the moment. 

We were moving very fast when the cops started to see us. Then, I woke up in my bed and was relived to see that all that was fake. Except for the gigantic pile of money by my side…

Unexpected Arrival – William

It was a sunny day with a drizzle, a perfect day for a rainbow. But, no rainbow came, and all the little kids were sad. So, one brave little boy asked his dad to help him find a rainbow. To find the rainbow they went on a cruise. They were moving really fast when the ships came out of the sky. It came by like a flash, and bright rainbow beams came out of the sky. All the children disappeared in that town. Many detectives came to the town to figure out the mystery, but the only solution was aliens!

The new day-Arthur

One day there was a boy named Digeo, and he was in some weird place called the Holidays. This is a place for portals to go though and see what kind of Holiday it was. Digeo knew all of the Holidays except for Valentine’s Day. Digeo didn’t even know how to pronounce the word Valentine. So went through the portal and 2 hrs later he came back about to throw up. Digeo was moving so fast that he threw up in the way back. It took a long time for Digeo to stop throwing up. So went home and told his mom and dad about everything

The other flash by Omer

Their once was a family in this family their was boy. His name was Garry Falon. He was no ordinary child he has speed and he was a superhero but, their were villains. And, these  villans were and Garry had to fight them. But one of them came to our house and my brother had to save us but I didn’t know it was him. Then as we head to the window to leave. But then, we were moving faster and faster until we got to our neighbors then I noticed. My brother was missing. So, I assumed he died.