The Candy That Turned Me Into A Giraffe!! Katie

I walked past a shop named “Giraffe Life” it sounded interesting so I went inside.  The 1st thing I saw was the worlds biggest candy giraffe! My jaw dropped, and I hurried over there to look at it. When I got over there it looked brown and it was sort of melted. No one was there so I took a little bite it tasted delicious. It had salt in it which makes it taste so good. I felt really weird after I felt as if I was getting taller and furry and greasy. I finally realized I was a giraffe!

Ava- 100 word challenge- the strange leaf

One day, there was a kind giraffe. The giraffe was hungry, so she decided to get a leaf. She galloped to the green trees, she found nice green leaves. Well that’s what she thought. You see, this giraffe is color blind. So the true color was brown. When she bit into the leaf, for some weird reason it tasted like salt; the leaf was also very greasy. She thought it was tasty though. The giraffe decided to save it for home. She finally returned home, but it was so hot outside that the leaf melted when the giraffe came home!

Karam- School’s over

When school was over, my parents took me to Michigan to do something. They wanted it to be a surprise. We drove somewhere, but I couldn’t see where we were going because they would’ve turned around and went home. When we got there, I opened my eyes and gasped. I saw a GIRAFFE lolling its GREASY tongue. I ventured into the zoo. I darted around throngs of people to the giraffe exhibit. I saw a MELTED plastic food container. There were BROWN pellets covered with SALT. I gazed at the other animals. I went to the car and drove home.


Hi, my name is Jake and I work at a salt factory. The factory is making a new type of salt. The salt has to be melted, then solidified. The taste-testers thought is was disgusting because they thought it was too brown and greasy. Still, the company wanted to mass-produce the salt (for no obvious reason). Yesterday, I walked into the exporting room and saw piles of the salt as tall as a giraffe! I was stunned! After a week, the salt was country-wide. It was no wonder that the company was bankrupt afterwards. Nobody bought any of the salt!

Nico’s crazy dream- Nico

One day, Nico had a crazy dream that he went to the zoo in the winter. When he went there, he saw a browngreasy giraffe that was on the grass of its habitat. The giraffe stood up after five minutes and grabbed some salt and melted some ice. Then, Nico left that exhibit because that was not what he thought he was going to be seeing that day. So, he went to the monkey exhibit, where he saw a monkey that they called Michael. Nico looked at Micheal carefully  for a second and he saw that Michael was scared.