What is that!! By: Michael

“I don’t want to be in a scary movie!” I yelled to my mom. “It will be fun!” She yelled back. “Fine!” I’ll do it I thought. How bad can it be anyway. When I got to the place where they were filming the movie I was nervous. Even though all these people think ghosts aren’t real, I believe. I was nervous that a ghost was going to come and get me well I was rehearsing. “Take one!” Yelled the producer. I walked up to the creepy door. I wonder what’s behind that door I thought. I opened it, “Ahhhhhhh!”

So I got into trouble for not completing my 100 W.C-Mohammad

One day I was writing my 100 W.C. I was so empty-minded, I didn’t even finish. My teacher told me to go to the room and to finish. I go to the room. I’ve been to this room 34 times; dark,scary,and rumors have spread that this room is haunted, which makes sense because if you didn’t finish your homework, you have to go there, like its teaching them a lesson that they should do homework or you’ll end up here. I didn’t recognize something, a door in the wall. I wonder what was behind the door . I opened the door. The end.

Jasmine 100wc

I heard a creaking from the door, and my sisters screamed from terror. I yelled at them to be quite and that nothing would happen. Then a door opened. “Thanks for the impeccable timing!” I said. Then one of my sisters vanished. “Jenna???” I heard nothing in returne. That’s when I got a little worried. “I wonder what was behind the door.” My other sister Jesica said with a shudder. Our parents called a search team and we found her. Apperantly it was jus our dog, and he wanted to play! We never worried  about that door and dog again.

Aden El Harit The Door In The Woods (3 children go in but don’t come out)

Once upon a time 3 kids went into the forest looking for a mystic door that some say kill, but these kids didn’t believe this myth. They just said “Stop Lying to us!”. So as soon as they got to the door one of them said “its not a myth now lets go”, but they all called him a whimp so they went and open the door so they disapeared, when they woke up there was another door and he’d wonder what was behind that door. Now your probably wondering how am i telling you this story. You’ll never know, HA.

Sophie-100wc-On the end of the road

“3, 2, 1, ready or not, here I come!” As I was looking for everyone, I thought to myself about why we were playing hide-and-seek in an abandoned house. We always here stories to not explore the abandoned house on the end of the road. As I was seeking for everyone, I found one of those little doors in the lower part of the wall, near the floor. I ignored it, but then I heard a creak, and the door opened. I wondered what was behind the door so I shakingly grasped the handle and pulled the door out. Suddenly, everything went black.