The foreigners-Curtis

One day there was plane in the sky and it landed in the middle of LA. At least 100 people got gout of the plane and started standing in rows. All of the people were different colors and looked like they were plastic. The USA army showed up, and the foreigners spread out and started to shoot at the inhabitants that lived there. Then the USA army had to just shut them down. Only a couple people were hurt by punches, kicks, and people getting pushed over. At the end of the day another plane came with more people. THE END

The figures by Olivija

I was in Arizona and I came across these Rambo colored statues when i went up to them I touched it. Instantly i was teleported to an island I started screaming and at least 500 figures came out of the bushes. I asked,”who are you and what are you doing here”. They all looked at one another and turned back to me and said,”you are one of us now” I was confused at first but now I am one of them and no one has ever seen me since so i dare you to come and find me good luck!

100 wc- Carmen

One day there was a group of people coming to Australia. They wanted to see the Sydney Opera House, and when they were walking to it they saw a beach. A stranger warned them that they should run or else they would get stuck in the sand, but it was too late. They tried to run but it was quicksand and this was a special type. If you get stuck in this quicksand then you will turn into a toy soldier. Now all these people were going to be sent off to shops to be sold to children all over. 

Fun Halloween bye Jade

It was Halloween and my family and I always go on a parade.Every Halloween we go to a parade,but the parades are different each year.So,after trick or treat we went home and ate dinner.Then,we went inside the car to drive to the parade.On the way their we played music.You know how you play Christmas music well we played Halloween music.When we got their it was weird.Their were a billion colorful statues just lined up.Im telling you it was weird.We ended up going to the other parade which was a witch parade.IT was green and red.Then I went home and fell asleep.

Who? What? Where?-Isabel

The Terra Cotta Warriors are in Sydney, Australia. They are all in different colors to celebrate the colors of the rainbow.  What are they doing there in the first place?  Well, they might be there for world peace.  Each color represents the different country around the world.  Or, they are there for vacation to relax from standing for many years, in protecting the emperor.  They might be there just enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.  The warriors are just touring the country.  So people can see what they did when they were working for the emperor of China.