Steel Cheerful Carrot- Kona

A farmer walked through his plantation and saw something odd.  He thought…maybe, a bright mauve carrot under the ground?  He pulled it out and saw the carrot looking back at him!   The carrot was made of steel and was crying!   The farmer, unbelievably stunned, said ” Why are you sad.” The Carrot, tearful, said.”  I’m not normal.”  The farmer was shaken by the fact of the carrot being able to talk. “Well, no one is normal.” said the farmer. “Why do the orange carrots tease me for being a mauve carrot.”  They are just being jealous of you.” Said the farmer.

Under The mountain, Kenton

There was a person named Kevin that loved carrots. He liked to go on hikes under the mountains. He found rock hard steel. It was so shiny it made him tearful. He found mauve crystals. He takes about one pound of everything and sells it. He would make two hundred dollars a day. Kevin would also keep sum for him self. once a big earth quack blocked the cave. It took two months to get the rocks out of the way. The crystals and steel were destroyed. It took fifteen years for the crystals and steel to grow back and Kevin was back in business.

My Mauve Carrot- Maya

I was walking down the street, very tearful from the incident of that morning. I was walking my dog, Benny, home. When we got there, Benny suddenly collapsed, and his pulse stopped. I’ve been sad since then. I suddenly heard something hit metal, steel to be exact. I went over to the gutter. I saw a mauve carrot just lying there. I picked it up, and took it home. I showed Mom, and I took it up to my room. For some reason, I treasure that carrot. It felt like a new friend to me, but nothing can replace Benny.

Lost Again(Lost 2) (A sequel to I Looked in Front and Behind. Which Way?)-Al

I was walking along a calm forest path on a windy day. Suddenly, a bunch of mauve leaves came swirling around me. I started turning, searching for an opening in the leaf tornado. I found a gap facing a field full of weeping willows. I ran through the gap and under the trees. Sometimes, I found random sheets of steel, which was bewildering. I remembered the man who had a small carrot patch by his house. Remembering this, I raced to the trees where the mauve leaves “attacked” me. Then, I found my mother tearful due to my second disappearance.

steel carrots tearful under mauve-Sami

I was under an enormous bridge and was taking a jog. I was eating some delicious carrots. I came upon a slippery steel surface and fell straight on my arm. I then started to choke on the carrot, my face was starting to turn the color mauve. A random civilian came and did the Heimlich maneuver and did it successfully. I rewarded him with 100 dollars and he almost didn’t accept the money. I eventually made him take it, so he did. If he didn’t help me I would’ve been in tearful pain, but he was brave enough and did it.