Make peace -AJ

There is so much war between countries. It would be nice if I could tell all my soldiers to drop their weapons. All the other leaders of the countries need to get together and stop war. If we never had war then nobody would get hurt or die. War is terrible, and if we stop, forests could grow. We need to stop. If all the leaders of the world got together and talked and agreed, war would stop. Tell all of our soldiers to drop their weapons. Share fresh clean water. It only takes one little move to care for the world.

Peace Can Change A Lot-Jason

Peace can really change a lot in this world. For example: when asking for a pencil or something you can borrow, ask nicely instead of asking and taking without an answer. Another way is to work together and not by yourself. You can get a lot done if you work together. And my last example is if you also tell people about peace and they can spread peace! You can also do a lot of other things to spread peace. One of the easiest ways is to simply smile. I believe that one day this entire world will have peace.

Peaceful Places-Chloe”

Wednesday is Peace Day, and our whole school is going to be participating, imagine a day with no conflict. I think we should create peace with everybody in the entire world. All countries should not be against each other, but with each other. Just one day where everybody could be polite, kind, generous, and thankful for everything they have. Ways to keep peace are to always first talk before having any thoughts of conflict or war. And if you can not make a compromise ask people for advice before having a fight. These are some ways we can be peaceful.

🐧This is What Peace Means to me-Jonathan🐧

Peace means no war or arguments. Peace should not be forgotten. Peace Day should be a time of peace for everyone, as in no arguments or fighting.  No one should feel like Peace Day doesn’t apply in their country, Peace Day is an international day of peace. Peace is not meant to be only for the military, it is for everyone.  Peace is supposed to be everywhere. People should be peaceful and not in war with eachother. We all need a little more peace in our lives. If you try you can bring peace to your home, heal the world.

Peace Back Then and Now -Sami

Peace, what is peace? People think it’s just communicating, not leaving anybody out. But peace is actually keeping people safe, treating the world friendly. On September 11,2001 a world crisis happened. Now that day is peaceful, in memory of this crisis. Now everybody tries to spread peace. There are some bad groups causing many accidents. Many well-known people, like to spread peace by having a sense of humor. As many people know International Peace Day is coming so my school is singing a song known as Heal the World. This is peace from my view. Spread peace everywhere all the time.