The Letter From the Alien-Sara

I ran from my bed where I was sleeping when something woke me up! I raced to the phone. “Hi Ned! Do you want to come to the zoo with me,” something said through the phone. I didn’t know what the word zoo meant so I hung up the phone. Then I went to the post office to get stamps. I needed to send a letter. “Greetings humans of Earth… I am Noah the alien. … I want visit Earth one day. … signed Noah,” I said as I was signing my letter. Then I said, “I’ll be getting a message soon!”

A New Planet- AJ

“Greetings humans of Earth. We have been invaded by our enemies on our planet and we had to flee. We were wondering if we could live here.” “Of course you can!” said a human. “We didn’t bring much.” The aliens stayed there for a while. The humans told them a lot. The aliens were like people, ate donuts, drank coffee, and ate bacon. One very normal day, well normal up until this point, a huge black sphere came and crashed. Floobas, the alien’s rivals, arrived. Everyone grasped anything they could. It was a tough fight. In the end, Earth won.

Greetings humans from earth- sofia

Hello humans. I am Amy the alien and I have been watching you for several weeks and months. I have noticed all the different kinds of food you’re eating and all the other crazy things you’re doing. I was just wondering if you actually have to stay in a building for so many hours? Wouldn’t you  want to get into big fights with each other with your lava pencils? I’m sorry I am very confused. I hope that one day you will get this and someday write back to me.

Your alien friend, Amy

P.S. do you have 4 eyes too?

The Unexpected Dream – Story By: Andrew

I was sitting on a bench late one night feeding pigeons when I looked down by my foot and saw a miniature toy UFO. I took it home and put it on my nightstand. When I woke up the next morning, my room seemed different. I felt like I was in a large fishbowl. Then I saw my mom and said, “What’s going on?” All of a sudden, I heard a voice. “Greetings humans of earth, I have come here to take you to the most amazing……” Just then I heard my alarm ring. “Time for school, Andrew”, said my mom.

The Arrival-Brayden

One day, I saw an unfamiliar ship in the sky. It looked like a Red Star Destroyer from Star Wars, and it was really close to Earth. When it landed I approached it.  I went to the front of the ship and there was a shadow. The shadow sounded like it was trying to say something. It was a moment of silence then the shadow said, “Greetings human from Earth.” The shadow came toward me and shook hands. It said, “If you don’t follow these rules you will be destroyed.”  Those would be the last words I would ever hear.