The material that felt like jello-carter

It was July 16th. I am in California. My parents and my brothers are going on a tour. We are going to a museum, a sports museum! We got to feel many ancient objects like the first football ever used for the NFL, the ball that Michael Jordan used when he first scored his first point, and Babe Ruth’s first bat. The material felt like jello! The bat was so worn out that it  was like jello. In the end we got to keep a jersey of any player! My favorite memory was the Babe Ruth’s bat felt like jello!

The Material Felt Like Grass – Sara

I was in a rush to go to my friend’s birthday party. When I got into my car, I remembered I had to make party favors and centerpieces. I ran into my house to look through the felt box. It itched when I put my hand in … the material felt like grass … I am allergic to grass! I had finished the favors! I got in the car and left for the party. When I got home, I was sneezing so much I got myself sick ,and I was vomiting. Gross! Now I need to go throw away my felt box!

The Weird “Material”-Maya

One day, I was knitting a nice blanket. I always outgrow my blankets so instead of buying a new one, my mom makes me knit my own. I was making it orange and black, my favorite holiday is Halloween. I lined the inside with cotton because that is how all my blankets are. I grabbed a piece of material and it felt like…. frosting? I pulled it out of the basket and it looked like a piece of fluff. It was tinged blue and I used it in my blanket. It was really soft, I had a good night’s sleep!



The New Fabric-Rishi

One day, there was a boy named Jack. He was in his room on his laptop. All of a sudden, he felt a swoosh. He went to go see what it was so he went outside to see. Do you want to no what was…it was a simple piece of cloth. He looked at it for a moment and then picked it up. When he picked it up, he suddenly dropped it. It was weird, the material felt like a soft, rubbery, fabric. He picked it back up felt it again. I’m keeping this, and there’s nobody to stop me.

The Weirdest Thing Ever – Jason

Have you ever felt the weirdest thing ever?  It is a cross between anything you can imagine and your favorite toy. (Your toy doesn’t get ruined.) I felt it once. But I will tell you what it felt like later. You get it by summoning Jeff. To summon Jeff, you must take a bottle of water, (it has to be empty) but it on your head and say” Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.” Next, he will summon and reply, “Take it.” I did this and the material felt like heaven. Enough to be extremely, super happy for the rest of your life.