I was once playing soccer at my soccer game.I saw a guy who looked familiar when he got the ball…it reminded my of the time I was playing football and the ball got spiked at my face.I don’t know why it reminded me of that but it did.So well I was thinking about this they were on a break away.I tried to stop them and almost succeeded but didn’t .Then when he got the ball again I was thinking about getting hit with a soccer ball right then I did get hit with a soccer ball right there oh my.

One thought on “Omar

  1. Hi Omar, what a pain to enjoy a game and suddenly to remember being hit in the face; worse is the fact that by the end of your story you were hit in the face! Unlucky or what? This is a good 100WC story and I like the way it is put together, it is easy to read and the action is easy to follow, well done. Unlucky but well written.

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