Oliver 100 wc

Fred was a polar bear. He and his friend George were out swimming. They stopped on an ice cap to rest. He asked George, what do you think will happen if the ice caps melt? George said, “Well we’d be dead, probably.”. “Why,” Fred asked. George said, “Well we’d not be able to rest to get our food in the middle of the ocean so we’d starve.”. “WAIT WHAT,” shrieked Fred! “That would be awful,” said Fred quietly. “Yeah,” said George. “I hope that never happens,” said Fred. “Well it’s already started,” said George. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” screamed Fred. Duh Duh Duh…

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  1. Hello! What a great idea having the polar bears talk to each other to raise this issue. It works because most people think bears are great and also because it is really relevant to them as a species. The conversation is so good; the innocent young one and the more knowledgeable older bear. Again, a great way to answer questions in an interesting way. I love Fred’s reaction. Well done.

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