Nico- Comedy T.V.

Once upon a time there were 8 kids playing basketball in one of their  friends backyard. One of the friends had to go inside for a drink. He had wandered around in the house and wound up turning on the T.V. On the television, he saw a person that looked like him and ran to tell the others. There were other people that were on the television that looked like the rest of the friends. Oddly the friends were playing basketball on T.V. too. One friend said to another “We seemed to be on the television or we’re being spied on.”

4 thoughts on “Nico- Comedy T.V.

  1. You would certainly get a shock if you saw yourself on television, especially in real time. I would have been searching for the TV crew. I like how you chose to have just one of the characters wander into the house and turn on the TV. It created more excitement because then he had to run out to the others. Well done.

  2. Hi Nico your story really is quite different to the others I think and those 8 kids must really like basketball I also like the ending how they thought it could be a spy.

  3. Hi Nico
    That was very exciting, and i wish you had 200 words, Next time try to use something else to start your story of than once upon a time.

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