Nico- Christmas Eve

One day on Christmas Eve, I was playing around with a blue ornament on the Christmas tree. After moving the ornament, I got into trouble. I went into my muddy backyard and grabbed a mistletoe bush for my mom. I wanted to prove that I was sorry. I then thought for a minute and ended up wrapping the mistletoe until Christmas. I called it my little surprise present. Finally, I went to my Christmas tree and saw my little brother playing with a fake eyeball in his hands. We played catch with the fake eye until we fell soundly asleep.

One thought on “Nico- Christmas Eve

  1. Hi Nico
    You have obviously looked really closely at the picture prompt and made good use of this in your story. I was certainly surprised to read about you and your brother playing with a fake eyeball!
    Merry Christmas,
    Miss T Team 100wc

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