My Night Time Routine problem Madison

Every night when I get home from my sport  I am so tired. When I first walk into my door I go straight to the shower. After I get out of the shower I brush my hair. It hurt so much because when I  tried to brush through the brush got stuck and it just wouldn’t come out. So I had to call my mom to come and help me. IT TOOK TWO HOURS!  After that I did not want to brush my hair agin. Also when I got done I ran straight to my bed and fell asleep. Snores.

One thought on “My Night Time Routine problem Madison

  1. Hello Madison,
    I like the way you made it about your night routine problem but next time you might have to read through it before you post and make sure your words are spelled right, also next time aim for more commas and make sure your words reach at least 100 words
    Keep up the awesome work:)
    Room 4
    St Joseph’s New Zealand

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