My Days – Andrew

“Another day at the steel mill,” I said. I guess it’s time for my carrots delight. Then I went and sat under my umbrella and ate my carrot delight. Wow the clouds are very tearful. All the white flowers are now a dark mauve. What a delightful day working at the mill, having my carrots delight under my umbrella, watching the flowers change their colors to a wonderful dark mauve hue. What else wonderful will happen today?  Well, working is not to wonderful. Who cares. At least I earn some money. $$$. I hope I become rich! There comes those carrots!

3 thoughts on “My Days – Andrew

  1. Well done on your story this week Andrew. You’ve done a good job with the prompt words.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Hi, Andrew.

    Wow. Great adjectives and descriptions this week. Your writing is very colorful….you are starting to listen to Hemingway and put in those adjectives.

    So, what ingredients are in your carrots delight treat?


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