Music Elephant By Kala

One day I went on a run at the park, and it so happens that something interesting was happening at the park that day. The happy parade came to the park today. they had their faces painted purple. Anyways there was the main attraction the music elephant. He was  an elephant that plays all kinds of instruments, like the violin,  and the triangle. This one time I saw him he was different, he had bigger ears and his paws were smaller. The worst part was he didn’t dance anymore. I had to go up on stage and dance for him.

One thought on “Music Elephant By Kala

  1. Hiya Kala. Thank you for letting me read your story. That was so helpful you made the special writing prompts bold. My favourite part was when you talk about going to help the elephant dance. I think your punctuation shows great promise and you have worked hard on it. You are very good at using commas – and just like me you use them a lot! Great story this week!

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