Lost 3- Allison

Now, I always take a friend with me when I’m exploring. I brought my friend, Wendy. We set off into the endless woods together. Rumor has it, anything can appear in these bizarre woods. We kept going until we reached the dark part of the woods. Luckily, it was bright enough outside to see. In a small clearing we found slightly rusted boats. We were going to head back, when vines blocked the way. We ran into them and they dropped. We sprinted to the edge of the bizarre woods. I think it’s about time I get a new hobby!

6 thoughts on “Lost 3- Allison”

  1. Hello, Allison.

    I enjoyed the imagery you used in this story. I could imagine what you were experiencing. You also did a great job making sure the sequence of your story made sense.

    The last sentence needed a little more “power” to keep the reader in suspense. Perhaps something like, “Just then, it happened……” I am excited to hear what happens next.

    I hope you do not change your exploring hobby. It’s these amazing experiences that create the imaginative and polished writer that you have become.

    Great work!

  2. It was a very interesting story it grabbed me when you said bizarre woods. Maybe next time you could add more of your friend in. We loved how you described every word so strongly. Great work from Ashley and Jessica.

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