Karam-picture post 4/29/19

One day, I went into the woods after a rainstorm to explore. I walked around for almost an hour when I found a berry bush. I picked some, and when I turned to go home, I saw a clearing. I headed towards it and saw what looked like a person. I quickly dashed behind a nearby tree. When I peeked again, I saw that they hadn’t moved. I crept up behind the thing and pushed it. It fell over and I saw hundreds more up ahead. I realized that they were all leaves. I went back home, munching on berries.

One thought on “Karam-picture post 4/29/19

  1. Hi Karam
    You have very clearly set the scene for your 100WC and used some very interesting verbs (peeked, dashed). I can easily picture you because of the clear description you have given. Well done.

    Helen (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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