Karam …I was so cross that…

Over summer break, I went to London. It was an amazing place. I went to all the museums around my hotel. By the time it was night, I was dead tired. I went straight to bed in my dirty clothes. The next day, I went to all the train stations around my hotel. When I got to King’s Cross, it poured rain so hard that we couldn’t leave the station for several hours. I was so cross that it was raining. Eventually, it stopped raining and we boarded the train. Then we went back home to my house in Indiana.

2 thoughts on “Karam …I was so cross that…

  1. Dear Karam,

    What a great story! I hope you enjoyed your trip.

    Well done on the following points:
    – You shared a number of emotions in this story: including happiness, tiredness, and anger.
    – Your spelling and punctuation was correct.
    – I could picture your descriptions in my mind.

    How could you make your descriptions even more exciting? What did the rain sound like? What did the museums look or smell like? What did it feel like to arrive safely home?

    Keep up the good work!

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