Karam-100WC #2

One day over the summer, I went to an amusement park. There was plenty of rides, from carousels to 180-foot drop towers. There was even a giant roller coaster! There was something strange about it though. I couldn’t figure out what it was, so i decided to come back later. After a few rides, I came back. I figured out what was weird about it. It looked fine, but it seemed to be moving backwards. I didn’t mind that much, because I’ve seen several backwards roller coasters. I ignored it and enjoyed the rest of my fun  and exciting day.

One thought on “Karam-100WC #2

  1. Hi Karam,
    Well done on your writing!
    I really liked the theme park idea. Did you go on the backwards rollercoaster? I would love to know what might happen, maybe next time try to explore your ideas some more.
    Keep up the great work!

    Ciara(Team 100)
    Wicklow, Ireland

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