Karam- 1/7/19

One day there was a boy who liked to explore. When he is supposed to be sleeping, he goes out to the woods in hopes of finding something cool. On one unusually starless night, he went to a new area. He saw a light quite a distance away. He started towards it. As he got closer, the light grew brighter. By the time he was close, the light blinded him. He was very curious, so he went around the side. It was some kind of door, so he went through. He ended up in bed. It was all a dream!

3 thoughts on “Karam- 1/7/19

  1. Hi Karam
    I really like your description in the story, it is well written. I like the way you said it was all only a dream. Keep up the good work.

  2. And a very interesting dream at that! Nice use of the prompt Karam, well written!! I couldn’t wait to find out where we’d wind up!

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