John the Red Apple-Gavin Green

Once upon a time there was a red apple named John. John lived a fairly normal life with two kids and a wife named Mary. One fateful day John’s life turned upside down. His wife demanded a divorce and since john didn’t sign a prenup Mary took all of his money. John already lost most of his money and he wasn’t about to loose his kids. Luckily for Mary the judges were on her side and gave her the kids. “ At least I still have my house” thought John. One week later Mary took John to court demanding his house. Sadly John lost his house. He was now on a bench in the park crying himself to sleep because he had lost everything.

One thought on “John the Red Apple-Gavin Green

  1. ?
    Such a strange story
    It’s sad that he lost everything but dumb that he didn’t sign the prenup.
    Try to use more or better punctuation.
    Mrs Horan’s class

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