It was Heavier Than I expected By,Niko

McJohn was an owner of a circus, but he was a clown. He picked up animals that were super heavy. One time he picked up an orangutan. One day a worker asked him to lift up a moose. He never lifted anything that heavy before. A moose is about 700 pounds. McJohn said that it was too expensive. But the worker said that he’s going to borrow a moose from another circus. The next day was circus day. He came out with the moose and tried lifting it. Then he yelled, “ It was heavier than I  expected!” He’ll never do that again!

4 thoughts on “It was Heavier Than I expected By,Niko

  1. hi it was a really good story and I don’t think anyone would wont to lift a moose what animals were in the circus.And how many animals did he pick up.
    From Laine Room 4
    StJoseph’s School Morrinsville

  2. Hi Niko,
    I enjoyed your story. I really liked your opening sentence. It made me laugh! Great use of the prompt this week. Well done.
    Ms Brennock
    Hub Buddy

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