I Just Woke Up From… A Coma – Leona

Wow… I-I… How am I here? Dad? Is that you? I stared at my trembling fingers… “LouLou! A-are you ok? I was so scared about you,’’ says my dad. I stared at him with my hazy eyesight. I could barely talk. “Hey Sir, your daughter is fine, but she has to stay in the hospital for the next 4 days,’’ say’s Dr. Alicia Gonzalez. I stare into her eyes. She looks at me friendly…everything stopped and… I went in another coma. I wake up in 17 hours. I forgot everyone I know, except my dad…  I got better in about six months.

2 thoughts on “I Just Woke Up From… A Coma – Leona

  1. Hi Leona,
    Well done on your story this week. It has a very fast pace and keeps the reader interested. I’m happy that everything worked out in the end. I was thinking that the doctor seemed a bit strange, I was wondering was something terrible going to happen!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c
    Dublin, Ireland

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