however,  yellow,  gingerly,  discovered,  remarkable- SEHAN

One day a remarkable yellow cow randomly appeared. It had a note on it that told me to go to New York. So, I went to the airport and hopped on a flight to New York. However, Security discovered a metal paper clip. I gingerly took out the paper clip and handed it to security. On the flight to New York, I was thinking  about how shocked I was when they found the paper clip. When I got there, I found out that I misread the note! It actually was my mom that asked if I wanted pork for dinner!

2 thoughts on “however,  yellow,  gingerly,  discovered,  remarkable- SEHAN”

  1. Cute story, Sehan.

    I like the idea of “misreading” a message and making a discovery. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure ALL of the events make sense. The beginning sentence about the cow was not believable.

    How else could you have discovered the note? On your yellow binder?

    I really liked the paper clip discovery made by security, and how thinking about that led you to discover your “mistake.”

    Until next time,
    Hemingway, the remarkable yellow cow (just kidding)

  2. Hi Sehan,

    I really enjoyed your story. I like how its unique and different then other stories. You really have an imagination. At some parts I couldn’t understand what was happening so make sure you stay with your story line. I hope you keep your funny and unique stories going.

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