How Did The Boats Get In The Bristrol’s Leigh Woods? ,Kenton

I think there was a lake where the woods were. People must have used them about ten too fifteen year ago. The boats were all spread out so there might have been a dock there too the boats couldn’t have grew leg and walked away. The boats look like they were used for swamps. People could have forgot the boats were there and if they weren’t forgotten they wouldn’t be so rusted. The bock might have been shut down and here they are.  one of the boats has a number like the first boat on your left. The number is 1225.

One thought on “How Did The Boats Get In The Bristrol’s Leigh Woods? ,Kenton”

  1. Kenton,

    I would love to see you take all of these interesting details, and create a mystery. You describe what you see, but you seem to be reporting what happened, instead of being part of the story.

    Put yourself into the story, and have an adventure. Use that great imagination of yours. Try it, and be very creative!


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